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MARSHALL OF THE ELITE SQUADRON - galactic space battle!
The gameplay of MOTES is a fusion of action and RTS elements. You need to be quick and accurate to destroy your enemies, before they destroy you. At the same time, you must carefully select the weapons you use, continuously collect Asteroid and build reinforcement Fighter jets throughout the battle, and pay attention to your enemy's apparent strategy. And always make sure you are stocked up on Distractors and JAMMERS to effectively protect yourself against enemy homing missiles!
MOTES is available for iOS on the Apple iPad only. You must have a 4th generation iPad or newer to play MOTES*. How to tell.
*MOTES gameplay is not tested on iPads released prior to Nov 2, 2012, the iPad 2, or on the iPad-mini series of devices.
MARSHALL OF THE ELITE SQUADRON is currently a single player game with 3 modes: Battle, Proving Grounds, and Scout Racing. A multiplayer update to MOTES is planned in the future.

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